Gonzaga ESL 
   Community Outreach(GECO) 

Welcome to GECO

The Gonzaga ESL Community Outreach (GECO) program is a free, weekly, three-level language program administered and taught by MA/TESOL students at Gonzaga and is now in its 13th year. We proudly serve both in person and online the immigrants, refugees and other learners of the community.

               Join us to study and have fun here!

Time: Saturdays February 10th - May 3rd                                                                                                    Location: Room130, Rosauer Center for Education, Gonzaga University Remind:Please scan the QR code and fill up our registration survey to attend the class
CLASSES IN ZOOM: We do appologize to mention there will not have onlin class this spring, sorry for the inconvenience.

                                                                                     2023   GECO Spring Memory 


Break time for snacks

Group Picture

Volunteer in each table


Class activity

Potluck party food from global


          We would like to explore the English language learning with you.

          We would like to know about your culture, language and traditions.

           We would like to meet you here in GECO as a friend. 


Hello, my name is RanJun Wang (go by Roger). I am from Beijing, China. Chinese is my first language; English is my second language, also I have learnt Japanese and French but not fluently enough. 

This is Jiqing Xiang. I was an English teacher, I taught English for three years, and worked with people from diversity nationalities another three year. I am an English learner as well; I would like to explore this language with you together. I can speak Chinese, English, and Spanish. 

Currently, both of us are MATESOL students at Gonzaga University. Besides, we are the current coordinator of the GECO program at Gonzaga University, and we are so excited to meet you in our GECO Classroom! 

                                                    Come learn English with us! 

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