Gonzaga ESL 
   Community Outreach(GECO) 


Practice your listening.

Listen to the audio to practice your listening skills!

Listen to the instructions.

Credit: Bridget Green

Informal, spoken English.

Credit: Bridget Green

Listen to this video about how pronunciation changes in casual English. Answer the questions in the video.

Credit: Sara Hanson-Lynn

Popular songs.

Lyricstraining.com allows you to choose from a large selection of songs. You choose the difficulty, listen to the music, and practice filling in the blanks or typing the missing words. Practice your listening and spelling skills with your favorite music. Go to: https://lyricstraining.com/en/ to try.

"Wandering Child" - Wild Rivers


credit: Sara Hanson-Lynn

"Africa" - Toto

credit: Sara Hanson-Lynn

"How Far I'll Go" - Moana

credit: Sara Hanson-Lynn

"Don't Stop Believin'" - Journey

credit: Sara Hanson-Lynn

"You Say" - Lauren Daigle

credit: Sara Hanson-Lynn

Conditional practice with F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

credit: Sara Hanson-Lynn

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