Gonzaga ESL 
   Community Outreach(GECO) 


Practice your speaking and pronunciation.

Take a voice recording of yourself talking. Then, email the audio to shanson-lynn@zagmail.gonzaga.edu. I will respond with feedback!

Practice sentence pronunciation.

The audio can be found here (under Activity #5).
credit: Sara Hanson-Lynn
Informal, spoken English.
1. Listen to common sayings and questions. Write what you hear.

2. Now, you try! Using the answers from the activity (1), speak below.
credit: James Hunter

Pronunciation resources.

These websites can help you practice your pronunciation.
1. https://dictation.io/speech You speak and the microphone types what it hears you say. See potential confusions in your pronunciation.
2. https://soundsofspeech.uiowa.edu/main/english This website is academic, but it gives very detailed explanations about how each sound in English is pronounced. It shows a video, drawing of the mouth, and gives example words.
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