Gonzaga ESL 
   Community Outreach(GECO) 

Spring GECO 2022

Spring 2022 GECO Class Schedule
Saturdays, 10:00-11:30am Pacific Standard Time

February 12th: Intro Class!

February 19th: Unit 1: Icebreakers and Conversations

February 26th: NO CLASS (ESL Conference)

March 5th: Unit 1

March 12th: NO CLASS (Spring Break)

March 19th: Unit 2: Maintenance and Repairs
March 26th: Unit 2 mixed level 

April 2: Unit 3: Shopping
April 9th: Unit 3

April 16th: NO CLASS (Easter)

April 23rd: Unit 4: Celebrations (restaurants) mixed level
April 30th: Unit 4

May 7th: Last Class!

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